Wednesday, December 23, 2009

11eyes OVA Announced.

The Official Wbsite for 11eyes anime TV series has announced the June 25 release of an 11eyes OVA. Evidently the OVA will not be narratively connected to the TV series, although characters from the TV series will also appear in the OVA.

The new OVA will feature the characters Yuka, Misuzu, Yukiko, Kukuri, and Shiori. The original game centered on Kakeru Satsuki, a boy who has been mourning the loss of his last remaining family member, his older sister, for the past five years. Satsuki, his childhood friend Yuka Minase, and four other humans are suddenly transported to the world of "Red Night," where a giant black moon hangs over the skies. The six can only return home after dealing with Ralva and the six Black Knights of this alternate world.

Source: Anime News Network

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