Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My review On Anime "Overdrive"

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Okey lets look from this point of view most of us think that sport animes are meh and etc. And we look at this anime called "OverDrive" which looks like another sport anime and about cycling! wow yeh?

But Wait lets try and watch it because "Overdrive" takes sports anime to a whole new level ... you would like to ask why? Well imagine some one devoting himself to cycling that bicycle itself is their friend or even their whole world... For more Read review below.

Story: "Overdrive" tells a story about a guy Shinozaki Mikoto who is lame at everything from his own life to the sports and girls ... hes being bullied and everything else like that then one day hes secret love Fukazawa asks him this question "Why don't you join our bicycle club?" and he agrees without thinking on how hard it could be ... especially when the club leader is such a savage ... after some time he gets used to the club and whole environment starts his cycling ... at first it isn't so easy because he doesn't know how to raid a bike but after some events happened he manages to start cycling and going to the top the road isn't as easy as it seems because Mikoto has to overcome many hard trials and along that road he meets many new faces and encounters many hard training. He shows his devotion as he said "I want to devote myself to bike riding." on his first true race in which he makes whole audience to turn their eyes from those "superstars" to him and to encourage him to go till the end. The story has painful , joyful , romantic , dramatic elements which shows whole devotion and love for what they are doing love for bicycles and what it means to them apparently its more then Bicycles for some of them Bicycle which seems so little to us For them it is Friend for others its what they love for others it is their whole world. The best aspect of this anime is devotion for cycling. And with that i end my story review.

Art: Its new age! whole cycling and the special effects when cycling and showing whole gear from 3d aspects show that this anime is in whole new level!.

Characters: Has alot of different types like coward , intelligent , thoes who are devoted and some savages also alongside there are rich people and everything whole development of characters and how they are devoted to what they are doing truly is a plus for this anime.

Enjoyment: I loved this anime even thought i didn't like sport animes until i saw this one ... it took sports animes to whole new level and it gave me alot to see from cycling to character development from that till whole understanding on what is cycling it truly gives something for everyone!.

Overall: Its a great anime which i suggest for every one to watch even if you don't like sports maybe you will fidn this interesting as i did ? its up to you !

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