Monday, December 21, 2009

My review On Anime "Seitokai no Ichizon"

My Reviews on
First of all lets take Summary as always :) Later on my Own words:
The members of the student council of Hekiyou Gakuen are chosen by a popularity vote. As a result, all the members are cute girls except for Sugizaki Ken, who studied hard to enter the council. The story features the endless chattering of the members with full of parodies of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", "Dragon Ball" etc.

My Own Words:
Story: Story: Oh "Seitokai no Ichizon" we go this anime which revolves around this student council of beautiful girls and 1 Guy ( Sugizaki Ken (Main Protagonis) So the story tells us about this Sugizaki Ken who has this painful past because of some events in middle school he was bullied and beaten up all the time after he graduated from his middle school he entered so called Hekiyou Gakuen the rumor in Hekiyou Gakuen was " There is this desperate guy in 1st years who managed to get his grades to the top to enter our school and student council" You would like to ask why ? its because of thoes 4 girls in this student council the story goes from the ending to the beginning ... and thats the best point. This is how it was: [ In Spring he meets our student council president called Sakurano Kurimu who tells him that he should try and play H-Games because in H-games every one is always happy!] -- [ In Summer he tells his classmate who he looks up the most her name is Shiina MInatsu that he wants to be like her strong and always active but she tells him that he shouldn't try to be like her but instead to find his own life] -- [ In autumn he encounters the strongest desperation of broken heart and at the same time he encounters Akaba Chizuru who helps him heal that wound] -- [In winter he is desperate and how he told himself "She saved my life" That was Shina Mafuiyu] So these girls and Sugizaki makes up student council because of thoes events he wanted to make them happy and entered the student council in which no mater what happens he will never let them feel lonely , sad or any other bad things ... Because of all the friendship going on this anime is one of the best.

The story is somewhat painful i would say but it is hidden by all the parody going on and its really interesting to watch such change of events.

If you want detailed information here it is: Sugizaki Ken is a 1st year i believe in Hekiyou Gakuen who had the worst grades but got them up just to get into student council he had a harsh past because of some thing happening in middle school there are 4 girls Sakurano Kurimu , Shiina Minatus , Akaba Chizuru , Shiina Mafuiyu who helps him out in getting back on feet in exchange he wants to make them happy and never feel sad , lonely or depressed because he knows how it can be the first words when he entered student council were "I love you all , lets all be happy ogether!" and thats how it began other then that there are alot of parodys such as death note , haruhi suzumyia , Strike witches and etc. everything is done kind of perfectly main story with off story comedy.

Art: Oh art is this lolita type almost because well duh we have this council president drawn almost as elementary school student... :D but that makes it even nicer to watch all the colors and interesting uniforms not the plain ones we always see.

Characters: Yeh the development is interesting it goes from one thing to another every episode with all the encounters and all the misunderstandings along side teasing that happens its perfect :D

Enjoyment: Oh if you love comedy and you love school life if it doesn't bother you that its all about student council and few side characters then its fully enjoyable to watch.

Overall: its an awesome comedy , romance , school life anime which will make every one to smile atleast thats what i think :)

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