Saturday, January 9, 2010

I would like to recommend manga "Five"

Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo , Comedy
The art can seem somewhat different ... :|

Story: Hina has repeatedly transferred schools due to her father's job, and has always dreamed of a normal high-school life. At her new school, however, she finds that her class is comprised solely of guys! On top of that, five mischievous boys from her class have taken a liking to her...!?

Thoughts: When i started of reading this manga i thought oh hell another romance in school with alot of boys meeting girl etc ... but then i read a bit further and what i found really surprised me the sudden development ... that she is one girl amongst all boys class and whole playful attitude from 5 guys who are sitting around her ... but later on i got again pulled into school romance ... ye ye i read it further on and i was surprised how the main heroine wasn't your plain girl from every school romance anime , manga out there she has an interesting character which kept me into this manga until i finished latest chapters ...

Main thing is about 5 guys and a girl which get into their circle and they call her "hime" (means Princess) and the whole development along side romance which is between one guy from that group and that girl. Its really playful manga with alot of things happening like fighting , kidnapping and such things

This was really my first manga like this i never thought i would find such and it was just randomly picked out manga ...

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