Friday, February 26, 2010

Incarnate Comic Plagiarism or not? Accused ...

Publisher Radical Comics has halted the publication and distributionof its current comic book series Incarnate following accusations that the book’s art copies imagery from Tito Kubo’s manga series Bleach. Radical’s statement says, “Radical is taking swift action… to maintain the integrity and protect the intellectual property of artists throughout the world.” The Incarnate action comedy comic is written and drawn by Nick Simmons, famously known as the son of Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons.

In response to the controversy, Viz Media, which publishes the Bleach manga in America, has stated, “We are currently investigating this issue.” Bleach creator Tite Kubo himself has expressed surprise to learn that Nick Simmons is an accomplished comic artist, but has not expressed any stand on the plagiarism accusations. Nick Simmons has made not publicly commented on the matter.

Taken from: AnimeNation

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