Monday, March 8, 2010

My Review on Anime "Working!!"

Caution: Will Update After More Episodes Are Out.

So i will start of saying that this anime resembles alot like "seitokai no ichizon" but with no ecchi for those who watched that.

Story: Well story is about a Restaurant which has alot of strange people working there and there is our Protagonist Takanashi, Souta who got dragged into this strange restaurant by this high school girl Taneshima, Popura who looks like middle school student in Takanashis eyes shes grade school student even thought she is His Sempai. So apparently Takanashi got dragged into this job because of his affection towards "Cute and Small things" referring to Taneshima ... because he dislikes old people. Whole story mainly takes place in this Family Restaurant which has alot of strange employers starting from ones who carry katanas ... going on to violent type ... phobia type ... easygoing and so on... Takanashi gets used to the job very fast because of the friendly atmosphere but it ain't going to be so easy to work there as it seems.

Art: art is pretty new school no exaggeration with women bodies and such jsut normal atmosphere.

Character: Well as i said before alot of different people from ones with weapons , easy going till the violent type and phobia.

Enjoyment: As for 1st episode i enjoyed this anime really much because of the warm atmosphere good anime to get off ecchi season :)

Overall: As far as i see its should be a good anime if they won't ruin it halfway.

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