Saturday, May 29, 2010

Code Geass:Renya of the Darkness Color scans/5Pgs/Characters

Photos of manga pages can be found here: 1 2 3 4 5.


NOTE!: I Removed Names and other info Which Was in Kanji
The Characters:

Renya: Main character. Sucks when it comes to sword-fighting, studying, and horses, but is strong in actual combat. Throwing specialized kunai as boomerangs is his specialty.

Karura: Renya’s friend/comrade. Is smart but her methods of teaching are problematic. (To surround a person with swords for three days and nights while they rest and eat and so forth.)

Anji: Renya’s friend/comrade. Calls Renya a kid (Uncertain). Their friendship goes back to their childhood.

Misuzu: (Most probable spelling, not definite. Others: Misato, Mirin, Mirei, Meirin)
Renya’s friend/comrade.

(Cannot find kanji.)
Unknown name: Renya’s friend/comrade.

Tsuwabuki: Renya’s friend/comrade.

Instructor (spelled as Shihan): Renya’s and everyone teacher

Emperor Isshin?: (Tentative name) Leader of the enemy which attacked Renya’s village. When he sees a strong enemy and his body gets wounded, he becomes a hard masochist which gives up his rational mind in order to defeat /kill (Uncertain).

Foreigners: who serves as Isshin’s army, and who seeks to spread Christianity. They give Renya a certain power…

A character: that appears in Renya’s background (Uncertain, could also means he is behind the scenes or something.)

Exploding Stone of Cherry Blossoms (In other words, Sakuradite)

Huge Thanks To TrueElements From Onrpg Community !

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