Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IS Tv Anime series Announced.

Japanese publisher Media Factory has announced the development of a TV anime adaptation of Izuru Yumizuru’s sci-fi harem light novel series IS . The action/romantic comedy novel series is set in a futuristic international school that teaches girls how to use high-tech Infinite Stratos battle gear. Ichika Orimura, the only boy in the world compatible with the IS system, is recruited to the school.

A formal announcement will appear with the 5th volume release of the light novel — due out June 25th.

Summary: The story revolves around the IS Academy and its students who are training to become pilots for the IS (Infinite Stratos) weapon system. It so happens that this system can only be operated by females. However there was one young man named Ichika Orimura (15) who was able to use the IS. He then finds himself attending the busy academy dominated by girls.


okiura: http://xxx0w.web.fc2.com/

IS (Infinite Stratos): http://www.mediafactory.co.jp/bunkoj/books.php?id=22085

Monthly Comic Alive: http://www.mediafactory.co.jp/comic-alive/index.php

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