Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ookami-san Review

Honestly this anime for me is like new age red ridding hood (i don't expect people who never heard of that story to understand...) but it is like this atleast for me because we got wolf ( who isn't that strong , got red ridding hood (even whought she is friends with the wolf) , and we got a hunter ( who is huting the wolf but in a different way). So it makes this anime more interesting to watch if u know about Red Ridding Hod fairy tail!.

Story: About story i can say few things ... Its warm , innoncent and funny. Warm because of friendship , innoncent because of not accepting feelings and funny because its romance comedy!. Anime starts of with our wolf girl working as part of her club in high school with her friend red ridding hood and she is rescued by someone ... So the story begins with an interesting development in which our protogonists meet the wolf and the hunter ... Hunter is kind of strange and scardey cat ( But only in the Inside) and wolf is very strong and seem hard to approach (Only on the outside thought) ... The story revolves around theyr activitis in the club called "Otogi Bank" which helps people for a loan which is ( i Wont say ... ). Doing all kinds of missions meeting people and having hard times is this anime all about ... I would suggest to watch it and laugh as much as you can because believe me it is funny.

Art: Beutiful no ecchi finnaly ! :)

Sound: Just love the opening song!

Characters: All kinds of : Strange , Powerful , Scaredy cats , Lovable , Players , lolita and so on and on just u watch and see!.

Enjoyment: I tell you one of the best summer animes !

Overall: Just watch and see because its a great anime for romance/comedy lovers.

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