Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Angel Beats! Interview with Maeda Jun, Confirms second season?

Otonashi was able to reincarnate.

Maeda was asked what happened to Otonashi after the last scene that moved many.

His response:

It was no use being there by himself, so I believe he also left the world after that. Besides, he was rewarded. It wasn’t a bad life. It wouldn’t be like Otonashi for him to stay. He’s a forward-thinker…looking towards his next life.

In the 3 days [between EP12 and EP13] there were probably a lot of drama too, but in the end, all other members left for their next life after a satisfactory persuasion from Otonashi.

So, for the TL;DR people:

Otonashi left the world soon after. In the 3 days he also convinced other SSS members to leave the world as well.

That effectively debunks up my theory where the world functions like a loop, and Otonashi went on to create Angel Player. Which leads to the next revealed clue.

Angel Player existed from the ancient past.

When Maeda was asked “What exactly is Angel Player?” this was his response:

There were people fighting against God, even before the arrival of Yuri. Similarly, there were people that tried to unravel the mystery of this world as well. Angel Player is the result of an individual who found ways to manipulate and create material. Kanade found that software on her own, analyzed it [...continues]

Otonashi was not the creator of Angel Players. Nor was he the only bug to find its way into this world. Ultimately, Maeda seems to suggest that the world has been going on for god-knows-how-long.


Angel Beats! Second Season???

The picture is probably from MEGAMI magazine as well, and it basically has Hinata, Yuri and Kanade in a conversation, talking about mapo tofu. Hinata (the one in blue text) asks if anyone has any last words to say before the end, and Yuri (The text to the left of the red lines):

Look out for the Angel Beats! Second Season where I’ll return as the heroine!

There are rumors that Second Season should air in Spring 2011! And it is said that it will revolve around an entirely new cast

Source: http://pspkaizoukaizou.blog61.fc2.com/blog-entry-549.html

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