Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My review on anime "Tamayura".

Okey its been a while since i wrote one ... but i found a wonderful anime and i just had to write a reviw so here it is:

Tamayura short and an overflowing with emotions anime full of dreams and warmth i call it super cozy anime because when i watch it i feel very nostalgic and alot of memories comes back.

Loving art and photography i really got into this anime and shed quite a few tears watching it because my heart was trembling in seeing on how a person can seek out his dreams...

Story: is very very warm and nostalgic its about a group of girls with different dreams and a girl who loves photography more than anything in this world. Seeking for her father Sawatari, Fu sees alot of beautiful things and gets one step closer to her dreams.

Art: Warm , beautiful and nostalgic.

Sound: Nature i guess ... silent and beautiful sounds...

Characters: Dreamers with all kinds of dreams and different characteristics.

Enjoyment: I cried few times and really made my heart tremble.

Overall: An overwhelming anime with alot of emotions flowing in the air Enjoyable till hearts content!.

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