Thursday, January 13, 2011

Licensed Naruto & Bleach Online Rpg.

Now Naruto and Bleach's characters are brought together into an MMO called Pockie Ninja (official site: which is developed by Chinese-based company Dream Network. The first question you'll ask about the game probably will be the copyright issue. Is the game an official licensed MMO? Yes, according to the marketing director of Dream Network, they've gained both Naruto and Bleach licenses to make the game and their next step is to sign with One Piece.

Pockie Ninja is a browser based MMO where you can choose to join one the five countries in the Naruto anime: Land of Water, Land of Fire, Land of Wind, Land of Earth, and Land of Lightning. There are about 50 skills available and each skill can be upgraded with skill points. Other elements in MMO like instance, pet, PvP, and boss battle are all available in Pockie Ninja.

Pockie Ninja's been released in China and will be published in oversea market by NGames. The game will start Open Beta soon and you can register an account on the official site.

Taken From: MMOSITE

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