Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Review on Anime "Gosick"

Well for me Gosick is the best anime of this season ... Because well of everything starting from plot and going all up to Characters.

Story: Story is Sherlock Holmes like but in Gosick its not an Guy solving mysteries but a Small kind of unsocial high school girl. Story takes place year 1924 in a small European country called Sauville ... There is a school which is bound by hundreds of mysteries , stories and etc... There comes our protagonist Kujou in start of his new school life he hopes to get a lot of friends but because of his appearance and many mysterious stories he gets bound to having no friends at all because of this popular "The dark reaperr" story until he stumbles upon this huge library tower in search of those stories which bounds him so much ... And here is the encounter with this little golden hair Fairy... From here on starts many mysteries and crimes occur which Our golden Fairy Victorique who is always bored and Kujou "The dark reaper" who always brings her something to do are bound to solve and with that they strengthen their bond ...

Art: Awesome 1924 year old buildings , all the clothes everything is from old times makes u feel warm especially if u like all that old times atmosphere rather than robots and etc. You can also see some illustrations from books that looks awesome and everything.

Sound: Well nice music now and then good voicing.

Character: Hmm interesting especially Kujou because u won't see such character to often in todays animes hes like totally new and fresh ... without being dense or something like that. It's interesting to watch and guess what he will do in next episode. Other characters are pretty much the same.

Enjoyment: I enjoy these series very much they didn't fail to deliver anything and i can proudly say its my no.1 anime of this season.

Overall: Well its a beautiful mysteries filled anime series which gives some thrill at times but also makes you laugh. I recommend it.

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