Monday, May 30, 2011

OVA of Kiss Dum Announced

According to the official website, an OVA will be bundled with the Blu-ray box of Kiss Dum: Engage Planet. It's an original episode titled "Omokage". However, the release of the box set will be canceled if the number of the pre-orders are less than 2,000. The pre-ordering will be closed on June 6th, but the number hasn't reached the lower limit yet.

Staff of the OVA
Director: Sato Eiichi
Animation Director: Takahashi Noriko (episode animation director of "Kiss Dum", design works of "Witchblade")

TV Anime Kiss Dum was aired in 2007 but the release of the DVD was canceled due to the failure of the production schedule. Director Nagaoka Yasushi was dismissed before the airing and Sato Eiichi took over the director position.

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