Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Japan, ∀Gundam, Yamato, Ouran High Go Blu-ray

FUNimation released the series on upscaled Blu-ray back in March 2010, but Japan will its Ouran High School Host Club BR release on August 24th. The 5 disc limited edition set will retail for ¥ 25,000 (around $ 311).

Despite Bandai Entertainment announcing a license, North America hasn't seen a release of ∀Gundam (or Turn A Gundam). So, if you're intrigued by a Gundam that not only features mecha marching onto a landscape of World War I tech, but also the work of franchise creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, in addition to Yoko Kanno music, as well as design design by futurist Syd Mead and Capcom's Akira Yasuda, you may be jealous when you find out that Japan is getting Blu-rays of compilation movies Earth Light and Moon Butterfly on July 22nd. A set with special Akira Yasuda designed sleeves will retail for ¥ 14,700 (around $ 182), while standard editions will sell for ¥ 6,300 (around $ 78) each.

Collection DX notes that Japan will be getting DVD and Blu-ray releases of the live action Space Battleship Yamato on June 24th. Standard Edition DVD and Blu-Ray will be running ¥ 2500 (around $ 31) and ¥ 4800 (around $ 59) and include a trailer, teaser, and TV spot for special features.
Collector Editions of the DVD and Blu-Ray will be running ¥ 8800 (around $ 109) and ¥ 9800 (around $ 121) and inlucde more special features and collector items.

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