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Moe Kare!! Review

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Type: Manga
Volumes: 7
Chapters: 35
Status: Finished
Published: Jul 2005 to Sep 2006
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Authors: Ikeyamada, Go (Story & Art)
Serialization: Shoujo Comic

"And One day for sure it will turn into Eternal Love" ~ Best way to describe this manga. Simple words telling you an story of love that had to be and love that always will be.

As it is an shoujo manga it is quite hard to write and decent review because of how shoujo plot goes ... Yes i do agree its always the same but lets look at this manga now and no other but only Moe Kare!! Our writer Ikeyamada, Go tells us an story about an 15 years old girl Wakamiya, Hikaru who lives in her own little world dreaming of finding her prince Yep yep that kind of prince who would save her in a pinch any time anywhere.
Writer takes us on an tour trough many different roads ... Of falling in love for the first time , Finding out what true love is , rejecting love and finding that someone special teaching us about biter sweet first love and how unforgettably it can be ... even when you fall in love again you will still remember those first doki doki in your heart.
With numerous events 3 people feelings meet together and escalate into dramatic events which lead to an ending that is most fit.

As it is very easy to see what kind of ending such mangas meet its easy to read because there are not much escalation just going from romance to dramatic events back to romance with a lil bit of comedy added here and there... I guess that is why shoujo manga is soo easy to read ^^

Looking at other side of this manga it doesn't have too many chapters just that enough mount to tell this little story I would call it the good point because if it can be told in 30+ chapters than it won't get booring of waiting for what to happen.

Just a Little Pointer ... which i thought of when i first read this manga: Never look too far because you would be surprised who you can find just right beside you.

First Love, First Meeting

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Our heroine Wakamiya, Hikaru was in kind of a pinch one day if i may say while suddenly one of the princes show up and save her and leaving with bad first impression while getting nick named "Perverted Prince" Next day out heroine meets that same guy ... But hey he act differently ? he doesn't remember a thing ? And why is his eyes different colour? Thus our writer begins the Boy Meets girl scene ... the most obvious shoujo scene to exist.
Its practically how our heroine starts her first love out.

Being Rejected

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After meeting her prince she found her love and it seemed so sweet ... to sweet so writer had to make it bitter and thus started dramatic events there were few guys one truly deeply in love with her and even being rejected all the time he was strong and well love can't lose right? So as it is said best medicine to heal an wound is the thing that caused the wound.

Getting accepted, Finding Eternal Love

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After numerous times of being rejected one of our protagonists gets accepted finally "Are you sure? I won't ever let you go again..." This is the sweetest event in whole manga that made my own heart go Doki Doki but what made me smile was heroines face that smile of finding true love and understanding that that "Prince" doesn't need to be perfect and that he was always by her side...


Rating [8/10]

Gave that kind of rating on MAL just because its a bit older manga and there are better ones still it is my thoughts and my rating for the manga it doesn't really need to be accepted by everyone.

Writer told as an story of 15 year old girl falling in love for the first time ... Covered with sweetness and mixed with sour tears He took an simple high school themed romance which escalated to drama and went down to romance that is why i call such mangas Escalator type.

Art Rating: [5/10]

Is a bit older so its fair score ... i still like that older manga feel and how the characters are drawn because of some comedy parts those faces are drawn nicely.

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