Thursday, November 12, 2015

Review on: Nodame Cantabile

Nodame Cantabile is truly a master piece because it got you hooked up from the 1st season till the 3rd season ending with beautiful music and awesome storyline it makes a really great anime.

Story: Nodame Cantabile Finale story follows up 2nd season as Nodame and Chiaki struggles between work and their relationship. Meeting people and playing wonderful music with well known musicians from all over the world.  As Nodame is becoming better and more popular its time for chiaki to struggle the same way as Nodame struggled in the past.

Art: Calming and beautiful.

Sound: Beautiful classical music... which isn't so popular nowadays but still captures you into the story of the song.

Characters: All kinds of characters from 1st season till 3rd season developing really nicely , changing characters and everything else.

Enjoyment:Really Really enjoyable anime especially for music lovers ... because you can hear all kinds of classical music. Without music there is an awesome storyline which starts funny in 1st season and gets more serious over next 2 seasons in 3rd season it concludes and ends without any regrets.

Overall: A perfect anime , calming , funny and romantic without leaving u any regrets.

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