Saturday, December 26, 2009

My review on Anime "Sora no Otoshimono"

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Okey first of all lets look from this side it is an Ecchi romance anime ... so don't expect much only one interesting thing is so called "Angeloids"

Summary as Always:Sakurai Tomoki has been having the same strange dream since he was a child and would wake up in tears. Sugita, an upperclassmen at his school, believes the dream to be of the new continent. Later that night, while waiting under the cherry trees for Sugita and his childhood friend, Sohara, an angel comes flying down.

My Own Words:
Story: Okey story is about our main character called Sakurai Tomoki who lives alone in a big house in the neighborhood there lives this girl his Childhood Friend Mitsuki Sohara who is in love with Tomoki. Tomoki is having this dream in which he meets this strange angel when having this dream he always wakes up crying for no reason his sempai Sugita Eishirou thinks its something about so called "New World" but everyone thinks he is just a psycho ... so one day Sugita tells Tomoki to go to this big ancient tree when he goes there he falls asleep and dreams again about that angel but now she tells him that he should "take good care of her" when he wakes up he breaks into tears again but not for long something falls from the sky and its an angel or other way "Angeloid" the story begins here when he takes her to his house and forms a packt ... from now on Tomoki has to take care of this "Angeloid" or how he and every one calls her "Ikarus" from her on out many misunderstandings , suffering , ecchi , romantic things begins ... and also many other encounters with one another "Angeloid" and other occurrences. Practically the story is about Tomoki Teaching "Ikarus" to be more "Human Like" to be able and adapt to humanity...

Art: Hmm besides the chibi forms the art is plain and as always the same ... i loved chibi forms !

Characters: Hmm nothing much just enjoyed Angeloids cuz its something else if you know what i mean?

Enjoyment: Well alot of laugh and at some point interesting development , teaching so called "Angeloids" to be more "Human like" and all that stuff was entertaining in its own way.

Overall: well if you are looking for ecchi , romance and alot of comedy , supernatural anime i suggest this one but if you got anything else to watch ... then leave this for laterz.

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