Saturday, December 26, 2009

AkrossCon 2009 Ru. AMV contest is Over!.

What is Akross Con? Its a Russian Anime Music Videos Contest or in other words "AMV Contest" in which every AMV artist can compete and win prizes ! This contest takes place every year and started back in 2003.

AKROSS Con 2009 contest is officially over! By the results of finalists' vote, the best videos of this year's contest are:

1. Fynjy - Hell's Gate
2. Gidra - fu logic!
3. Tana-sama - Butterflies of God

Here is full statistics list of competitors and also full winners list, and opinions of finalists about videos and contest.

First of all all competitors vidoes list:
Other Prizes Winners [The Name is The name of the prize!!! To Check them Out press on Prize name!]: [Akross Prize]-[Viewers Choice]-[Best Action]-[Best Drama]-[Best Romance/Sentimental]-[Best Comedy/Parody]-[Best Fun/Dance]-[Best Psychedelic]-[Best Trailer/Opening]-[Best Story/Plot]-[Best Original Concept]-[Best Technical Works]-[Best Design Of Visual Effects]-[Best Presentation Design]

And Now The Grand Prize Winners!:

1st: Fyjny - Hell's Girl (First Squad: The Moment Of Truth/The Birthday Massacre [Info] Anime: Hell Girl)

2nd: Gidra Fu Logic! (Kannagi/Cheese People [Info] Anime: Kannagi)

3rd: Tana-sama Butterflies of God (Various/Masudo Toshia [Info] A mix of many animes check in Info)

Source: Official AkrossCon Website

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