Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Review on anime "Katanagatari".

Anime entitled as Katanagatari is unique in its own way with its 50mins per ep when you watch it its seems you are watching 2 episodes at a time...

Katanagatari tells us a story about full of comedy swordplay which takes place in Edo era (17th - 19th century) there we got this deadly sword style called "Kyoutoriu" but this stale isn't an ordinary sword fighting which we see in every swordplay animes this fighting style doesn't use swords infarct the ones who know this style can't use swords because they doesn't know how. 1st episode takes us to this inhabitant island in which "Kyoutoriu" style master was banished with his whole family after some time he died and left his son as the head of the family and a successor of "kyoutoriu" style his name is (Yasuri, Shichika) he lives on this island with his younger sister (Nanami). One day unknown woman who calls herself (Togome "The Strategist") enters the island in search for master of "kyoutoriu" style the banished warrior ... but it didn't go as she wanted. Later on they talk alot and after the whole talking , explaining things they enter into action zone which takes place another half of the episode. Action seems pretty interesting because fighting styles ar not so plain ... Bare handed battling , cutting ... is pretty awesome. After the fighting ends there are some comedy moments which changes the mood from fighting to laughing ... or something else. They leave the island leaving (Nanami) alone and up to the journey!.

Besides all the good points Katanagatari has its down side which is too much talking even when in action (i mean in fights) they keep on talking nonsenses and it takes some time to start fights ... that was bit annoying other than that its pretty interesting new anime.

Long episodes
Funny character cast
Kind of unique art style
Nice fighting
Nice comedy

We will need to wait longer for episodes
To much talking in the middle of actions
To much wait to get into action

Overall anime is pretty good at the moment if it doesn't get bad later on... If you got time you can watch it but remember one episode is 50 minutes ...

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