Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Review on anime "NANA"

When i started watching first episode of this anime i heard these words "Say Nana.... do you remember when we first met?" and with those words i was captivated by this anime.

Anime NANA tells us a story about two girls who are soo different but also very similar and about their painful life experiences alongside all happy moments they encountered. At first when we see the main characters (Two Girls) we think that they are soo nothing a like but after that we hear that they have the same names , same age and both going to Tokyo but On other hand they aren't very similar because of their characters one is clumsy , irresponsible and kind of stupid the other is very responsible , smart and knows what she wants. Whole story seems painful from the beginning because of such aspects as separation with the ones they love and being cheated on in front of your very own eyes.

Nana is more dramatic , painful anime then joyful or comedian ... because u see main characters mostly suffering then enjoying them selves even at the end there are more suffering then joyfulness ...

What else i could say about Nana that its really how should i put this powerful anime which can really bring you to tears at some points but it also shows the development of two people feelings and how they gradually becomes almost inseparable ... even at some point there are jealousy which seems surpasses friendship but this isn't shoujo-ai so there are no such things ...

Nana also is a beautiful music anime with interesting music implanted in it ... which makes anime even more interesting to watch also without this music element it wouldn't be so interesting to watch because it holds most of the story in it.

Well for me who loves drama and romance i loved this anime along side every other but for me it just had too much drama i would loved to see more romantic moments then pain all around the place ...

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