Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ps2 sim Dating game getting Anime Adaption.

According to, the PS2 dating-sim game, "Amagami" will be getting an Tv anime series adaption entitled as "Amagami SS". It is scheduled to air this summer on TBS.

Produced by Enterbrain of Kimikiss fame, Amagami is another love story about a boy (you) finally plucking up his courage to go ask the girl of his dreams out.

Due to a traumatic experience in the past, Christmas is a time that troubles you most. However, you know that this is your last chance to ask your crush out, as this is her last year of high school. Is it alright to leave your crush as nothing more than a mere crush?

Get your acts together and leave your shell. Who will you end up with in the end? The elite class representative? The sweet underclassman or the senior you’ve always had a crush on?

Features extremely clean artwork, great character designs, and a deep story and character interaction.


Source: Moetron

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