Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Google against hentai/yuri/yaoi

Apparently google started going against child porn and mature manga ... which let them start removing all the manga from "Mangafox" with tags like adult/mature/lolicon/shotacon/hentai...

MangaFox administration post on forums:
Due to Google Ads warning the NOEZ staff (NOEZ: the company that owns Mangafox) to remove anything adult/porn related content in the site. It was purely based off on one article: CLICK.

It's because of the warning. NOEZ took action in 0.16 seconds, and started removing manga in Mangafox that have the mature/adult/shota/loli tags. Some manga have been tagged as that (even though they're not), and some of them have deep storylines. Before people start jumping on the gun, you need to be aware that they did NOT bother to check the content of the manga. They just straightaway removed the manga that were under those tags, despite the content/storyline.

And here are some pointers that you might want to be also aware of to prevent redundancy, which seems to be what is happening here.

----- NO, Mangafox Staff were NOT notified by the NOEZ staff that they were going to remove mature manga. We were as puzzled as you were. Like I said, it seemed to be a knee-jerk reaction, and they seemed to have no time to tell the staff--who are in fact, keeping this community in line--that they were going to implement such a thing.

----- Some members have been asking what manga have been banned and the answer is straightforward: all manga that have the adult/mature/lolicon/shotacon tag have been removed. I will try and compile a list soon, but it's a LOT of manga series, so please be patient.

----- We already have this thread. Don't go running around everywhere else about the mature manga. If a manga has disappeared, it could be because of this reason. So please, this thread is here for a purpose, not to just look pretty. So don't spam everywhere else, guys. And absolutely, NO ADVERTISING. This whole ordeal can be blamed on Google, but if you want to look for alternative manga sites, we have search engines for that very reason.

Any solutions?
At the moment, nothing official. We haven't heard from NOEZ if they are going to change adhosts or have told us anything that is up their sleeve to solving this thing (and to be really honest I don't think we'd be hearing from them anytime soon). We do have something that would at least salvage some manga that have been removed due to this "purge". [url=http://forums.mangafox.com/showthread.php?t=165136]Please check the manga re-evaluation thread and help.

PLEASE CHECK MYRON'S POST (let's say the official satement from NOEZ?): CLICK ME

Source: Manga Fox Forums

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