Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kaicho-wa Maid-sama Review

Few words before review: One of the best and truly enjoyable romance anime i have seen in the past few years ...

Story: Truly awesome story of which i dreamed after reading manga ... Because we got Romance going on one which u will hardly see in any other anime the romance in which girl refuses to love eventhought her body say yes and a Guy who teases her and loves her more than anything out there ... Alot of different friends trough the series ... so many interesting events and shocking truth ... Funny and epic scenes and all in all that high school spirit and romance which gives you warmt...

Misaki (our protoganist) goes to a school which became co-ed only few months ago and she becoms the student president there just to reform guys which she hates soo much just to get more girls into the school she may seem just as girl , friggile and very beutiful but shes very strong and smart but the thing is she has a secret which she hids from friends ... And so we got Usui: Who is loved by all , good in everything and total chick magnet which notices Misaki and finds out her secret which he keeps to himself to just have fun and so he fells in love with her and even thought misaki tells him that she doesn't like him all in all she loves him alot... Usui takumi also has a very very dark secret but this can only be find out in manga !...

Art: lovable ... pink pink and everything like that but seroucly lovable :)

Sound: Love the op song just awesome !.

Characters: Alot of different ones and alot of different personalities which makes u to wonder what when and where ?

Enjoyment: Super haven't had such enjoyment since Clannad era !

Overall: Just watch and see you will be hooked or maybe its not for u?

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