Saturday, September 25, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Review

To tell you the truth i had dropped this anime over 15 times till i managed to watch it till the end because of lack of time or something that i didn't like... But i managed to see it trough and i was really sad that it ended ... To top it up it was kind of my only action anime in a long time that i finished till the end so the review may be a bit strange then i'm sorry i'm more used to wrrite a reviews about romance animes...

So the Review:

Story: This is a story about a Boy named Sawada Tsunayoshi who is tottaly usseles when it comes to life ... But the only thing that no one will win against is how he treats hes friends with more respect than he can handle... Also Hitman reborn tells a story about Mafia and its worlds even thought its a funny one it has its own moments which shines more than in any other anime...

When Tsunayoshi gets a letter from his to be tuttor and meets him his World is turned around 360 degrees and so the story of struggle , friendship , fights and many tears just to reach Peace comes in action ... All in all its a funny show with epic fights and heartwarming friendship moments which is a must watch in my oppinion (even thought i'm not the one to talk when i dropped it so many times...)

But where else can you find people flying ? time travel ? mafia fights and comedy in one ? which helds a awesome balance between everything plus some funny romance and many more!.

Art: Kind of fantasy you know fantasy in real life flams coming out of nowhere and etc ... but its nice and looks cool.

Sound: I love the soundracks and some osts which i listen to everyday.

Characters: Alot of them eveyrone of them are different and has their own free will but still a strong bond between them all resides.

Enjoyment: At first i was like omg mafia ? Babbies? whats next? and etc etc so i tried watching and watching and watching but all in all i dropped it many times till i got my hopes up and finished it. I enjoyed more than watching any other anime.

Overall: I love this anime hope for second season to see them in action again !.

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