Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sukitte Ii na yo.

"One day i want to hear these lips say I love You" Considering that i always read the manga and am a big fan of it Anime announcement was something out of this world for me.

The story , the calming atmosphere , the intriguing moments , the bullying , painful experiences and The Friendship is what this anime is all about from the opening song you can feel the warmth coming and starting with 1st episode starts the story of somewhat Lonely and awkward Tachibana Mei ... Our main Protagonist is a girl who is quite antisocial and "Doesn't need Friends because friends only betray in the end" she tries to avoid everyone and all the feelings which would seem quite the let down considering its High School the best years of life.
Trying to avoid socializing as much as she can unexpected things happen and she meets an guy Called Kurosawa Yamato who happens to be quite the popular guy The whole meeting for the first time was quite the show.
After the meeting it escalates quite fast from anti socialising to having people around every single day which i thought was too fast.

Story: The story in anime is shown quite softened than in Manga and this would be the only thing i did not really like about anime other then that the story followed how it was supposed to follow and went into a nice direction.

Art: Nice , calming , warm art.

Sound: An great opening song and nice voice acting.

Characters: From bullies to antisocial to most popular and lonely , lovely and everything that an high school anime needs!

Enjoyment: Thought i did not really like that it was somewhat different from Manga i did enjoy it quite a lot.

Overall: Worth the watch and try to read manga! you will see what i mean.

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