Saturday, June 2, 2012

Full Metal Panic!! Review

"I don't have any regrets. I'm glad I met you" Is what our heroine Kaname Chidori has to say seems romantic ? Quite a lot.

So what we have here is an intense Romance and Comedy manga mixed with action and Mechas all over the place making it quite a nice read so looking closer we see a story of clueless guy and strong willed girl trying to survive seems nice but lets add Tons of comedy , deadly battles and drama here and there we would get an story line so Writer Gatoh, Shoji brought us an story with many turns here and there and above and below Making us confused at times and laughing at times and angry at times with an story that changes from school to deserts and from there to Oceans and underwater places its bound to happen or am i Wrong?
Saving comrades , attending school , doing deadly missions , running after girl that seems that you like but you just do not know because you are soo clueless in life that its hard to live outside the base. Still learning new things it fun to watch how characters develop while being soo good at One thing they need to learn about something they never did before it makes you laugh and cheer for the one that's trying in this case its more of a laughing matter i guess?

Boy Meets Girl? Or Girl Meets Boy?

That i had in thought while reading the manga because i did not know from which perspective to look at but still first meeting was quite the one i guess first impression was amusing and well it captured me it was funny it was nice and it was something a bit new i guess ? A little bit dumb protagonist and strong hearted Heroine what else do we need?

Action and A little bit of Gore side to it

Yes you heard me right Gore Seems funny since i told you it was really funny manga and such but there are some gore moments that can't be left out which actually spice things up a little bit but end quite quickly sadly...


It was a nice read and a nice laugh i read the manga when it was being released so for me it was quite different than nowadays it was really something new and funny and dramatic just because i was yet to read the mangas of today... But if i remembered it this whole time than it was an read worth the time!.


Well what to say about art its quite older than any other but its still nice all battles and backgrounds are drawn nicely at some points whole serious scenes are eye candy and the characters show nice expressions be it comedy or be it in action.

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